9393 Main Street, Plymouth, California 95669 Phone Number: (209) 245-3663 Website: http://amadorvintagemarket.com

Creative gourmet cuisine and catering

Beth Sogaard’s Amador Vintage Market and deli is a gourmet’s delight with the finest selection of fresh sandwiches on house baked breads, elegant entrées, charcouterie, artisan cheeses, desserts and gelato — everything to satisfy a snack or sit down meal. Catering for weddings and events.

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Here are a few of our favorites: 

(GF) Pulled Pork “Sundaes” ~ BBQ Pork served on a bed of mashers with ricotta cheese, finished with a balsamic drizzle and topped with a “cherry” (tomato).

Smoked Duck & Pork Belly bao ~ served with gochujang, thai herbs, mango slaw, sesame crèma and crispy avocado.

Mini Hot Dogs with Toppings Bar ~ including onions, bacon, cheese, peppers, sauerkraut, assorted mustards and ketchup

(GF) Fire & Ice Chef’s Station ~ himachi and ahi torched then topped with sesame miso aioli and Japanese caviar; served on a bed of shisho leaves and smoking dry ice.

(GF) Deconstructed PB & J’s ~ French macaroons filled with salted vanilla cream, powdered peanut butter and powdered strawberry.