Fall Back with Fine Eye Gallery

With the prevalence of cell phones, when was the last time you looked at a clock to check the time?!

This fall, the Fine Eye Gallery is turning back time with a show of hands. Clock hands, that is. They're falling back with a wide selection of gallery favorites and a few new artisans to bring us to new heights of timeliness.

Fall Back – a show of hands

Clocks and Timepieces by American Artisans

> October 20 – November 22, 2015

Gallery Hours: 10:00am – 5:30pm daily

> Art Trek, Saturday November 7, 1-5pm


Visit on your next trip to pick your favorite!


Leonie Lacouette - copper, brass and stainless timepieces that bring elegance to your home.

Nina Cambron – fused glass in glistening gemstone colors.

Kate and Ed Coleman – fanciful, funny “family” portraits and clock faces as we imagine crazy uncle Bob might be.

Susan Boss and Mark Brown – tag sale treasures repurposed in a timely way.

Pascale Judet – elegantly painted miniatures of international scenes that take us time traveling to exotic places.

Steve Uren – beauty and functional style are the product of countless hours in the studio.

Desmond Suarez, Sabbath Day Woods – sustainable Appalachian hardwood mantle clocks.

Eduardo Milieris, Watchcraft – timeless and hand-crafted watches for extra special wrists.

Taki Watch – telling time in playful bands of supple leather and jaunty faces.


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